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The high performance of VCA presence and VCA surveillance is due to the underlying high quality tracker. It results in a much lower false alarm rate and higher detection rate than many other video Analytics systems.

Traffic counting with direction filter

Intruder detection

VCA presence - Basic
  • Intruder and perimeter detection
  • Camera Shake Cancellation
  • Camera Tamper

Auto Tracking
  • Auto Tracking

People Counting
  • People Counting

Video Stabilizer
  • Video Stabilizer

VCA surveillance - Optional
  • Enter and Exit Detection
  • Appear and Disappear Detection
  • Stopping Detection
  • Loitering Detection
  • Directional Detection
  • Abandoned Object Detection
  • Removed Object Detection
  • Tailgating Detection
  • Object Classification
  • Speed Filter

VCA Setup VCA Setup
  • Camera Calibration
    In order to estimate object parameter height, speed, area and classification, the camera must first be calibrated.
  • Object Classification
    VCA can perform object classification once the camera has been calibrated. The object classification is based on properties extracted from the object including object area and speed.
  • Configuration of Zones and Rules
    In order to create some useful output, it is necessary to configure detection zones and detection rules.

VCA Monitor VCA Monitor
  • Tracking Display
    The tracking display window shows all moving and stationary targets that are currently being tracked by the engine.
  • Event History
    The event history control shows the history of object that have triggered rules and generated alarms.

VCA Search VCA Search
  • VCA Event Search
  • VCA Counter Search
  • VCA Report