Software Features

Conveniently Managed

Digi-IT provides simple convenience with an easy to use, intuitive interface. It features 1, 4, 9, 10, 16, 25, 32 and 64 splits screens on multiple monitors, and analog output to a composite monitor. Plus, you can zoom single or multiple cameras to full screen. Pan/Tilt/Zoom controls directly from the live screen can control up to 32 PTZ cameras with the built-in RS-232/422/485 interface.

It's so Simple!

Powerfully Stored

Simple to playback with a graphical time/date interface. Search fast-forward, backward, slow motion, pause, frame by frame or even panorama. You can zoom in to pick up extra detail, adjust contrast and clarity, and then record your image as a .BMP, .JPG or full-motion AVI file. You can also record the native video with a built-in player, to give to authorities or save as an incident record.

It's so Powerful!

Perfectly Configured

Each camera can be separately configured for frame rate, motion areas, resolutions, compression, recording method and more. Now you give that important camera additional frames, and leave the back room to record just when needed. Then, set cameras for remote notification - just in case. Users can be separately defined as well. You can also incorporate TCP/ IP and analog cameras into one easy to use system, giving unmatched flexibility.

It's so Flexible!

Simultaneous Recording and Playback
Record up to 64 channels of video with multiple recording modes. Record multiple video channels with simultaneous alarm conditions and motion detections. Also supports audio recording and text insertion.

Remote Access
You can connect to multiple sites, and each site can be connected with multiple users at the same time. Use your desktop PC or smartphone.

User-Friendly Operation
Settings and menus are designed for non-expert users, so anybody can navigate the whole system without spending days learning how to operate it.

Store More Video with H.264 Compression
With H.264 compression, you can store as much as 4 times the video in the same amount of disk space.

Multiple Picture Qualities and Resolutions
Configurations are so flexible, you can set each camera individually for resolution, compression, frame rate and recording events.

Multi-Zone Motion Detection
The systems support whole screen motion detection or user defined areas of motion detection, with several detection areas for each camera.

Scheduled Video Recording
Operate with various different recording modes, including alarm recording, scheduled recording, motion recording or combinations of each. Each camera and mode can be defined hourly, daily or weekly.

Live View Shut down
Shut down the live screen, while all the cameras continue to record.

Networking Support
You can remotely connect to the server through multiple network configurations, including LAN/WAN/ISDN or PSTN. You can also manually configure the ports of each DVR, which allows you to utilize a single high-speed connection to address multiple DVRs from a remote site. Then navigate and operate all the system functions as if you were at the main system. The interface is the same remotely as itis at the server.

Control multiple PTZ camera formats, locally and from a remote location.

In the unlikely event system freezes, the system's watchdog feature will automatically reboot the system.

Monitor live audio, record, playback and backup audio on one or multiple cameras.

Integrated feature such as POS(Point of Sale), access control, TCP/IP network server and cameraintegration make this not only easy to use, but provide easy solutions!