Employee Bios

Lucinda `Cyndie` K. Stewart Lucinda "Cyndie" K. Stewart
Owner & Manager

Cyndie's extensive experience in the hospitality, manufacturing and legal industries provides organized leadership for our Company. As a Corporate Governance Executive for Best Western International, The Dial Corporation and First Interstate Bank, Cyndie has been responsible for the corporate governance, regulatory and legal responsibilities of major corporations, as well as their smaller, specialized subsidiaries. Cyndie has managed Boards of Directors of major corporations and understands the need for attention to detail and customer service. While working full time, Cyndie earned her M.B.A from Arizona State University in November 2001.

Jonathan A. Buchanan Jonathan A. Buchanan
Software & Technical Manager

Jonathan comes from California's Central Valley and studied at California State University-Fresno in business management and computer science. This combination of management ability and his high-tech background go hand-in-hand in making Jonathan a skilled leader. Jonathan began his career in the security field, specifically CCTV, in 1991, and has been instrumental in development of many digital video technologies. Understanding the growing need for security was the basis of designing a business plan with the single goal of being the best provider of CCTV and related security to the business community.